Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday Morning conversation

Ada: Jude, who are you going to marry?
Jude: (no answer, intent on his game)
Ada: Are you going to marry a boy or a girl?
Jude: (This gets his attention) A girl.
Ada: But not me, right?
Jude: Right, you are part of my family.  If a family girl marries a family boy, their kids will be not strong.
Ada: I'm going to marry Milo.
Jude: Milo is pretty strong.
Ada: Who are you going to marry, Jude?
Jude: I don't know yet.  Maybe I'll meet someone in college that I want to marry.
Ada: Yeah, college kids are strong.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


My walks around the neighborhood have been especially beautiful recently.

This went from dark green to magenta overnight.

I love the purple berries on this one...

Two-tone tree

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mid-Life Crisis

A large Douglas Fir fell across the back of our property during a wind storm last winter.  It snapped off about 15 feet up from the base, and crushed the back fence.  Turns out, the tree had a disease called "red ring rot", and several of the other Doug Firs behind our house were also affected.  Long story short: we now have a lot of firewood.

E Ben has been working on a woodshed for the past few weeks, and got the roof up last weekend.  Jude has a new favorite perch.