Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wallowa County

We took a little vacation over the 4th of July weekend to a little corner of heaven in Northeastern Oregon - Wallowa County. Our friends G and E joined us for the drive out to see some Cornett family and breathe the fresh air.

The fresh air was clouded by grass pollen and hay, so we suffered a bit. It was worth it to sit there at the base of the mountains and take in the view. On the night of the 4th, we sat by Wallowa Lake and watched the local fireworks show.

I had a great time playing golf with my dad. The coming threat of fatherhood has led me to take my golf game much more seriously, and I am playing better. While this seems odd to me, I feel like it must be a natural response.

We stayed on a ranch close to the town of Enterprise. It was a hundred-year-old outfit for beef and horses, complete with a giant hay barn, dozens of acres of pasture, and two head of beef. The herd is a topic of much conversation and consternation.

Linden slept, read, and played with the farm dog. G and E went for a bike ride. And we drank beer. What a better way to celebrate our nation's independence?

Exhausted upon return, but satisfied with our efforts to visit the country life. I think our urban yuppie tendencies need a good dose of country hospitality to remind us where we came from.

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