Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Only Living Boy in New York

Last minute planning and unwarranted optimism led us to drag our dear child across the country to the fair state of New York on a family visit to round out our September. Jude was a perfect baby for both flights back and forth to JFK. He visited the traffic in Manhattan, the many-routed roads of Long Island, and the wilds of Easthampton. We even made a couple of trips through the Holland Tunnel - so check New Jersey off the list. Jude slept through it all.

Jude was a perfect gentleman to the flight attendants, the pilot, and everyone we met. He's such a charmer!

This was one of our best visits to the Big Apple, although we saw very few apples on this trip. It was kind of a whirlwind visit for crossing paths with family, enjoying the cool fall weather, and for E Ben to play a lot of golf.

Four generations - Jude! If only you had been a girl!
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