Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eyes, Two

Maybe we have a crappy camera, or maybe we just don't take enough close-up photos, but I feel like we have yet to get a really good shot of Jude's eyes. I've been studying them lately, and I think they're really beautiful. I've also been struck recently by his eyelashes - thick and black, it looks like he goes through lots of Maybelline.

Anyway, here was the best I could do this week. Jude was not exactly being cooperative when it came to close-up shots of his eyes. In fact, we had our first tug-of-war over the camera. Please ignore the crumbs.

This one is a little dark, but you can see how HUGE his eyes are compared to the rest of his face (which is not exactly small).

And here's a mediocre shot of Ada's eyes. Hers are a much lighter blue than Jude's were at this age, so I think there is some chance that she will end up with blue eyes. Her hair is also getting lighter by the day, so we could have a towhead on our hands.

"Eyes, Two" is a common phrase around our house these days. Every time Jude holds the baby, he points out all of her body parts along with a commentary on how many she has. Like, "eyes, two" and "nose, un" and "hansss, two". Then he laughs when she waves her hands at him, and runs off to the next activity.

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EMM said...

Aw! Now I totally have a crush on Jude! How cute!

Miss you guys!

aunt kath said...

That middle pic is a dead ringer for Ben at that age!