Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little Things: Ada, Eight Months

Ada is eight months old today! Ada is such a happy baby. Her smile lights up the room and she is so easy-going. She rarely cries, and is becoming so much more predictable as she gets a little bit older. She is very friendly, and happy to interact with almost anyone. She is also happy to play on her own much of the time.

Here are some tidbits about Ada at this age...

Eating: Ada is a great eater! She is enthusiastically eating three meals a day and several snacks. She LOVES finger foods, and has tried rice rusks (aka surfboards), Cheerios, cheese, rice, toast, chunks of banana and pear, freeze-dried apples and pear, and noodles. We've also added some meat to her diet in the past month, in the form of Earth's Best Turkey Dinner and the like. She will happily eat fruits, vegetables, cheese, cereal (when mixed with something else) and meat, and seems to have a fairly well-balanced diet at this point. We're still doing a combination of jarred baby food and homemade, and both are accepted well. I think mealtime is one of Ada's favorite parts of the day. She is so happy while she's eating.

Drinking: Ada continues to nurse more-or-less exclusively, although she does have a bottle of formula now and then when I'm at work longer than expected or early in the morning. I didn't expect to be nursing her for this long, but she really loves it. There are times when she REALLY wants to nurse, and nothing else will soothe her. It is also a very convenient way for me to get her to sleep and easier for me than making bottles when I'm the one caring for her. We're going to follow her lead on this, but probably start to cut down on nursing over the next several months. She is already so interested in food that sometimes we can distract her with a meal when she might otherwise take milk. She does fine with bottles when I'm away, but I haven't tried giving her a bottle myself yet. I wonder if she would take one from me...

Sleeping: Ada has been sleeping better lately. We haven't had a really bad night (i.e. three or more wake-ups for a feeding) in a couple of weeks now, and most nights she sleeps from 8pm until 7:30am with one or two short wake-ups for a feeding. We had a week or so where I would nurse her for her first night-time feeding, and she would get a bottle of formula for her second. Apparently she didn't like that much, because she stopped waking up a second time! We're going to try switching to only bottles at night at some point in the next month. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll lose interest once she knows she can't nurse at night and that she might start sleeping through the night as a result. Only time will tell. We still typically rock or nurse her to sleep before laying her down, but I have put her down awake a few times and she's gotten herself to sleep. At night after nursing she also puts herself back to sleep most of the time, so she is learning those self-soothing skills.

Vocalizing: Ada has a lot to say. She often says "Hey, Daddy", although not always when Daddy is around. She shrieks when she wants another bite of food and babbles constantly. Daddy has heard her say "Ju", but I haven't heard that yet.

Moving: Ada is not too interested in moving at this point. She is still happy to sit and play with her toys or observe what's going on around her. She will sometimes pull forward to hands and knees if there's a toy she wants, but then she sits back down to play with it. She'll also do a little bit of scooting around from her belly. Ada can support herself on her feet for a short while, but doesn't pull up yet or stand holding anything other than someone's hands. She'll also bounce up and down from a cross-legged position (it reminds me of Lucia and Magdalena at this age!) and she has started to like the Jolly Jumper, which Jude never liked as a baby.

Appearance: Ada's hair is starting to come in. She's had a long curl on the top of her head for a while now, but no other hair until the past month or so. Now she has a bit of light hair all over her head, although not nearly as much as Jude had at this age! Ada weighed about 17 pounds two weeks ago, so I'd guess she's a bit more than that now.

Tricks: Ada does a cute one-handed clap (one hand moves, the other stays still) and loves to play patty-cake. She is also starting to wave at people.

Here are a couple of photos from the past few weeks. Ada in her holiday dress:

Practicing standing and putting weight on her arms.

Another cute one of the two kids together.

Here is a photo of Ada playing with her toys on Christmas morning.

And practicing standing with Mommy.

We're loving this age, and watching Ada grow up from a tiny newborn to a bouncing baby is a lot of fun these days.

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

Sweet post! Thanks for the shout out on the kids' bouncing tactics. Lucia definitely bounced more than Magdalena. I love the ones of Linden and Ada - fun to see you two together! And the one of the two kids. :-)