Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Jude has a new game that he loves: cutting paper with scissors.  He will happily sit and cut for what seems like hours (ok, maybe 20 minutes).  Then he runs over and hands me each piece of paper.  Each one is a dollar, or sometimes if it's a really good cut, it's three dollars.

We had to tie the scissors to the table to prevent accidents related to running.

He concentrates on this more than almost anything else.

Ada had a good time watching the Ducks in the BCS Bowl.

Now we have to put that onesie away...

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Scott, Abby, Nora, & Kenai Isles said...

tying scissors to the table is genius! I'm doing it tomorrow!

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

I should see if Lucia likes to cut like that! BTW - I'm impressed that you guys watched the BCS bowl game... didn't think you were into football??? Love the onesie, too!

peg said...

Is Jude starting to understand "money"? I gave him a dollar when I visited and he has his "bank". AMA