Monday, February 7, 2011

Mad Scientist

I have been wanting to post a photo of Ada's hair these days. It sticks straight up and she looks a bit like a certain well-known genius.

We took Ada in to see Dr. Jack today for her nine-month check-up.  Here are her stats:

  • Weight: 19 pounds, 1 ounce (51st percentile)
  • Height: 29.5 inches (95th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 44 cm (nurse's comment: "Good", whatever that means) 

Dr. Jack encouraged us to start feeding Ada more table foods.  She can eat almost anything we are eating these days, as long as it's healthy.  The only exceptions are nuts, honey, shellfish, egg whites (although eggs cooked in other foods, like pancakes, are fine), and cow's milk.  We are supposed to start mixing her formula with whole milk starting at 11.5 months, and by one year she should be on just milk.

Ada passed the 10-month developmental screen with no issues.  She was at or above expectations in all areas.  Our little genius.

We are also done nursing as of last weekend.  There were times when I didn't think this day would ever come!  After dropping down to twice a day, then once a day, Ada finally lost interest.  In the end, I nursed her for just over nine months, about the same as Jude.  I'm really proud of myself for lasting that long.  Nursing did not come easily to me, and though it was very convenient at times, it was also a big weight on my shoulders to be the only one who could provide nutrition for the baby.  Luckily, Ada is now very happy to drink bottles of formula.  She wakes up in the morning with a song of "MA MA MA, BA BA BA".  She definitely loves her BA-BA.  And we love her.

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

Funny...! I will outlast you on nursing this time around... still going 2x/day (though I'm planning to cut to 1x/day this week hopefully, and be done by the end of Feb!). Congrats to Ada and her long, lean body and big head! ;-)

peg said...

this picture reminds me of Margaret whose hair did the same thing for about a year!!

Nicole said...

Congrats Linden! Glad you're plan with breastfeeding this time around went so well.