Monday, October 31, 2011

Leaf Peeping and Pear Harvesting

The Cornett and Company rolled out Saturday morning on a short adventure to Hood River. My Oma died this summer, and we miss our infrequent visits up the Gorge to visit her and feel the change of seasons in the Hood River Valley.

Does this look like fun to you? Raking leaves on a sunny day is a pleasure. But there's plenty more leaves still on the tree. We also spent some time cleaning out the house, packing up treasures, and reading old post cards from days gone by.

There was a short walk to the cemetary to visit my grandparents' gravesite. Jude was a little worried that he might fall in the hole, but it has been nicely covered up with grass since the funeral. Aunt Kathy brought a bouquet of fall colors from the yard.

In the afternoon we drove up the valley to McNurdy Farms for some tree ripened Bosc and Comice. Jude very politely asked to borrow this wagon for the long walk back to the car. It was a glorious day.

That night we camped out in Oma's mostly empty house on Eliot Ave. Our kids were tired and happy. We all love a little adventure!
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