Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving In

Roll out the red carpet, we had a very nice moving day IN THE RAIN. Three guys, 8 and 1/4 hours, and I think I took about 3 pictures of the whole event. Below are some photos of our first night in NEW HOUSE. Empty rooms, a few boxes, and friends came over with Champagne!



I tried to be sociable, but the refrigerator needed a thorough scrubbing.

I was surprised how disoriented the process of moving can be. We only moved 10 minutes away, but the process of settling in could take months. Just NOT KNOWING simple things like WHERE ARE THE FINGERNAIL CLIPPERS? kind of drove me crazy for a few weeks. 

A month later we are feeling more at home. The kids are sleeping well, I have taken over the kitchen, and we find new things to love here every day. Yesterday Jude had a playdate, and the kids spent an hour playing behind our house while I raked leaves. 

Expect more posts in the future about my growing love for NEW HOUSE. Soon we will have OLD HOUSE on the market. The end of one era is the beginning of another.

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Nicole said...

Welcome to your new home. I'd be slamming that champagne - moving can be such a pain in the moment but then all of a sudden, it feels so wonderful when you feel at home again. Glad you are already there and that you found the nail clippers. Congrats again on the big change.

Douglas said...

Congrats on your new home!!! See you next month!!!