Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Madness, the Prelude

We have been very careful to temper the joys of the holiday season with the realities of routine and our own good sense about the experience of Christmastime. The madness of our life takes careful balance! And the season has its own agenda. I have spent the past few weeks carefully planning our intake of holiday joy, getting ready for the actual holiday. Time with family, peace on earth, good will to all.

But I couldn't resist this gingerbread house kit. And neither could the kids. 

Fooseball made an appearance at Thanksgiving, and interest hasn't flagged. 

Jude had his "special child" week at pre-school in early December. This involves a lovely tradition with the preschool bear, but Jude seems most to enjoy the "show and tell" aspect. Nothing like a short speech to your peers about all your favorite things. Ada slept with the bear.

Art projects from school have taken on a distinctly holiday theme.

Alpenrose Dairy near our house has a fantastic "Storybook Village" which included trains, live animals, sweets, and a visit with the Big Man himself. We got in and out without any tears (or photos).

The Christmas tree went up with a very small amount of fuss. It is nice to have help.

Rocket jammies are also nice. It's hard to believe they can dress themselves.

We took advantage of the week off from school to get Jude onto skis for the first time! We made 11 trips on the beginner lift at Timberline and he fell down about 33 times. This was one of those Dad and Jude moments that will stay with me forever.

Two days later, Jude and mom surprised me at gymnastics with one of his new tricks. Who taught you that, Jude? "Self." 

Finally, a quiet shot of our boy on the computer. He's learning to read, learning to type, and learning a million things about Wild Kratts. Ada is right behind him, and the two have been getting along famously.

Jude wrote (with Grandma's help) a nice letter to Santa, in which he promised not to hit his sister if he could get some toy that he really really really wanted. He's been true to his word. Of course, he also promised that Ada wouldn't hit anyone and she could get this other toy that he really really wanted. We'll see if Santa takes the bait. 
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