Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012, The Postscript

When the Season finally arrived, it was welcomed by all of us. Linden took some time off work and her mother came to spend a quiet (HA!) week with the children.

Car races in the hallway!

Daddy got a new camera for Christmas to replace the last replacement camera. 

A family photo in the kitchen!

Ada enjoys the benefits of her big girl bed, snuggles with Mom!

Butterflies on Christmas morning!  Santa was good to us.

Danel, Andy, and Myself started a new tradition of the Men's Holiday Lunch.

In a fit of Christmas zeal, we made t-shirts for all of our cousins. 

Here's my boy!  Merry Christmas to my two little chickens. Happy wishes to you and yours for 2013!
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