Monday, September 23, 2013

My Pride and Joy

Is it possible that laundry preferences are hereditary?

My mother has always been slightly obsessed with doing laundry at Baekeland Camp, and then hanging the wash out to dry on the clotheslines attached to large trees.

On an August weekend this year, my husband surprised me with a clothesline from the door outside our laundry room out across the back woods.  The first time I hung clothes out to dry, the long clothesline hung dangerously low, almost touching the underbrush.  We were able to tighten it up some, and then I pictured in my mind this ingenious device that would attach the lower line to the upper line, maybe with wheels, or, oh, ok, this already exists and it's called a clothesline spreader.  I bought a couple of these, and now my clothesline is working great.

Apparently some people like to dry their clothes outside for the fresh scent (I'm looking at you, Terry) but for me it's all about the energy savings.  Too bad the dry season is almost over in Oregon.  I guess I'm going to have to wait until next summer to really put this through its paces.

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peg said...

It is amazing what influences our children. I always love to do laundry in the Adirondacks because it can dry in the beautiful, clean dry air. Now Oregon will work, too. Love you, MOM/AMA