Monday, May 12, 2008

Kenny & Zukes

Tonight marks the first night of lovely mild summer evenings and long walks downtown.

Met Tom and Nat downtown for dinner at Kenny & Zukes, an up-and-coming and very hipster deli run by our favorite Portland gourmand, Ken Gordon. I explained to the waitress our connection: "Ken married us!" then realized that this isn't exactly true. He just grilled all the meat, but it was still the hardest job of the day.

Here's a picture from Wedding Day, August 9, 2003.

I tried the famous pastrami on a sandwich called Ken's Special - a gooey mess of thick smoked pastrami, chopped liver, cole slaw, and russian dressing. Plus the crucial pickle! Delish. Linden had the fried latkes with sour cream and homemade applesauce.

Check out the menu online at

Post dinner we sauntered through downtown Portland on one of our evening rambles around our favorite city. Checked out some demolition in the neighborhood of the park blocks and surveyed the new park/parking garage. It was open, so we ventured into the 5-story depths, but could not determine if there was an entrance for cars. Eerie.

Made a quick stop to visit my brick at Pioneer Courthouse Square and resolved to buy one someday for The Boy. Thanks, Uncle Fred!

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