Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Vacation - Week 1

We spent fifteen days on the East Coast over the holidays. It was a successful trip, with lots of family visits, backgammon, and great food. I think we ate over ten different kinds of meat. We both added a few pounds as a result.

Christmas Day we went to my grandmother's house, where Jude received several new outfits. He generally hates wearing sweaters, or anything warm for that matter, and the handmade sweater from Nanny was no exception.

He also got a cute new outfit from Cousin Trish and Aunt Deedy. Yorkie pants and a red plaid shirt!

Next we went to Rick and Eileen's house for dessert. We put Jude and Lukas in the crib together (they are four days apart in age), and the sight of eight adults watching the two babies was hilarious! Although Lukas weighs more than Jude, the two babies were similar in height. It will be fun when they can play together!

Over the weekend, we drove to Philadelphia to visit our friends Matt and Erica. It was a grueling drive, with a ridiculous amount of holiday traffic. With Matt, Jude got to do his first headstand!

Matt and I got real Philly cheese-steaks from Chubby's.

When it came time to leave, Erica wouldn't let go of the baby...

It was great to see our friends and get out on our own for a little while - E Ben gets antsy being in Locust Valley for too long. This was only the first week - I'll finish up writing about our vacation in the next few days...

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