Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Skinny Legs

We've started making a lot of music together as a family. E Ben plays the guitar and I sometimes sing. Jude hums along and kicks to the beat. Our current favorite is "Skinny Legs" by Lyle Lovett. Although E Ben is the only one of the three of us with anything approaching skinny legs these days... Here's a family photo from tonight:

Jude also likes dancing, especially from our shoulders. It's a sure way to get a smile out of him, although we do have to watch out for messes in our hair - he has been spitting up quite a lot lately...

Jude has now eaten a few more foods. We gave him rice cereal for a few days (see photo below of him sticking his tongue out while eating - one of his favorite new faces). Today we tried stewed pears for the first time, and he reportedly gobbled them right up. I think we have an eater on our hands...

Jude had a great time spending the weekend with his Grammie. He even had a bath in her sink!

We're looking forward to an upcoming visit from my mom and sister. Jude will visit Mt. Hood for the first time, and maybe even play in the snow!

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ben said...

That sink-bath photo is the cutest one yet. Save that one for inclusion in some graduation or wedding slideshow. :)