Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eight Months on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Jude is eight months old today. The last month has just flown by. Above, you can see Jude in his favorite position in "the jail". He started out just standing, but now will walk from one end of the deck to the other. He's also getting better at sitting, but his crawling progress has stalled. We probably should make him spend more time on the ground working on his crawling, but he is so happy when standing that we give in. Probably a mistake, but what can we say. We're first-time parents. Tonight Jude had a pretty bad fall and cut open his head. We felt terrible, but Jude seemed mostly unfazed.

Jude had his first ride in the back-facing Ergo this week. He did pretty well, and it was way more comfortable for me than having him on the front. I'm hoping that an evening walk when I get home from work can become a new part of our routine. Jude's routines are pretty stable these days for the most part. I'm still nursing 3-5 times a day, and he eats three meals and additional formula as needed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm still able to maintain a (reduced) milk supply without medication. I pump much less than I used to, but Jude seems to get as much as he wants when he nurses. So we'll probably keep on doing this for a while longer.

After sleeping through the night a couple of times, Jude is back to his once-a-night waking. It's not too bad, actually. E Ben listens for him in the night and goes to get him when it's time to feed him, and that change alone has really improved my sleep quality. Before, when I was in charge of listening, I never really got any deep sleep until after I fed him in the night, but now I feel much more rested. A simple change, but it has made a big difference!

Jude spent some time digging in Greg and EMM's garden today in honor of Earth Day. Happy Anniversary, Hilary and Emma!

Jude and his Dad spend a lot of time together. They have a lot of fun pressure washing, visiting Home Depot several times a week, having lunch with friends, and running in the Bob. It makes it a lot easier for me to go to work knowing that Jude is in such good hands.

Here is a video to finish off this post. It gets very exciting in the last few seconds!

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Nicole said...

Love the video, Jude's quick breathing is hilarious.

Amber said...

Hi Linden, E Ben & Jude! Andrea gave me your address, so now I'll become a loyal reader of your blog. Jude sure is a cutie in that video, especially with those big eyes :)