Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Tooth!

Jude's first tooth is in! It is very sharp and he likes to bite everything, especially his parents' body parts. We managed to get through this teething process without too much upset. Jude barely even seemed to notice. We've been trying to get a photo, but Jude is very protective of his mouth and doesn't like to share his new addition. Maybe over the weekend!

After sleeping through the night twice in a row last week, Jude is back to his old pattern. He'll wake up at some point in the night and want to nurse. I don't think he's really hungry, because sometimes he barely eats anything before going back to sleep. I think we'll try to night wean him sometime next month. We don't want to do anything too stressful while he's getting his first teeth.

I hope to have some more time this weekend to work on my posts on nursing. Something else always seems to come up!

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