Friday, May 22, 2009

Laundry, Lids, and Logs

Jude is nine months old today and I haven't seen him in three days!  I usually like to post a photo from the actual day, but since I can't do that, here are a few of my favorites from the last month.

Jude loves to crawl around and pull up on just about anything, so I often have him with me playing on the floor while I'm doing laundry.  One day he pulled up on the dryer and was fascinated with the shiny metal inside.  He was begging so hard that I finally put him in the dryer (first checking that it wasn't too hot, since clothes had just come out).  He was ok for a little while, then got agitated and went stiff as a board which meant that I couldn't get him out very easily.  After bumping his head a few times on the inside, we finally got him out.  He hasn't asked to go back in there since.  Probably a good thing.

Jude started playing with a lot of new toys this month.  He especially loves his blocks from his Oma.  I love this photo because it captures a sense of the constant movement of Jude playing.  He never sits still for a moment, except when he's drinking his bottle.

E Ben got an annual clam-digging license this month, so he took Jude for an early-morning trip to Gearhart to catch two limits (if he has Jude he can take home twice as many, since kids don't need a license).  Jude loved playing with the clam, especially when it squirted him with salt water.  Guess who got to clean him up when he got home...

We went for a lovely hike one Saturday afternoon.  Jude does pretty well with hikes.  He cycles between sleeping in the Ergo and observing the Nature.  But his favorite part is when we pull him out for a break and he gets to eat leaves and sticks.

Let's see, what else?  I'm still nursing a little (morning and night), but Jude seems mostly uninterested.  I'm guessing that we're going to finish weaning to formula in the next few weeks.  He loves his bottle, and has little patience for nursing these days.  There is just so much to see! And do!  And touch!  And grab!  He's eating three substantial meals a day, with more and more finger foods every day.  He loves all fruits, grains, and meats.  Not so fond of the green veggies, but we'll give it time.  We're all looking forward to a fun summer in sunny Portland!
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