Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hunt's Barber Shop

In the week before we left for the East Coast, Jude's hair grew into a floppy mess. We decided that the one thing we needed to get done before the wedding last weekend was to get Jude a proper haircut. After calling around to a few places, we decided to take him to Hunt's. Jude got his first haircut from my late grandfather's barber. Here are a few snaps of the experience.

This is a pretty good "before" shot. Pretty shaggy!

Margaret kept Jude entertained with her keys, a ball, and anything else she could find so that the barber could get in there without us having to hold Jude down.

We did hold him a few times to snip around the ears and get his bangs.

Here is Jude admiring the final result. What a difference! We're glad we finally got Jude a real haircut. Our attempts have been pretty pathetic. And now that I see how many snips it takes to get a decent result I'm happy to pay a professional. I did learn a few things - like cut around the back and sides, NOT the top. We did it exactly wrong, with a short spiky top and long bangs. I guess there's a reason I'm not a barber!

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Patrick said...

We take Tessa to "Pigtails & Crew-cuts" in Tanasbourne. It is a great place for kids. Jude might like it too.

Davidko said...

I can't believe no screaming or tears! Maybe Noah should get his haircut with Jude.