Monday, July 6, 2009

I Love NY in June

The Cornett and Company LLC is on the move this month. We flew to Long Island, NY for a wedding and some much needed R&R. The wedding party was fantastic, and Jude stayed home with a sitter. The rest of us danced the night away under a big tent down by the Sound. It was a beautiful night!

Linden's family is from the North Shore of Long Island, which is sometimes referred to as the Gold Coast. This was the country playground of the JP Morgans and the Rockerfellers, the moneyed industrialists, and the New York City elite. There are mansions, country clubs, and expensive cars everywhere. It is like travelling to a different country.

This Oregon Boy is doing his best to play some golf, eat good food, get in some exercise, and of course, engage in battle over the local backgammon title. There was a tournament over the 4th of July weekend, and I participated and did quite well. I took 2nd place, losing to a slow, elderly gentleman with owl glasses and dentures. The best part, by far, was whooping up on some of these country club boys. I also ran in the 5k race, in which I also took 2nd place. Always a bridesmaid . . . never a bride!

My father-in-law asked this week if I am a natural winner or natural loser.

This is a fascinating question and one that has plagued me. Many of my Portland friends consider me to be a "gambler", a laughable charge in comparison to the "real" gambling that happens outside of our circles. I am always happy to win or lose $5 over some combination of skill and luck. It bothers me that I don't seem to feel much differently if I win or lose. No one who has seen me compete on the track can deny that I am competitive in nature. Then where is my killer instinct in the rest of my life?

I am attempting to build a healthy sense of competition to carry me into my middle years. I enjoy a good game - golf, tennis, backgammon, or whatever. I will keep it up, but keep things in perspective. I watched Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick this weekend in a brutal Wimbledon match. I could never care enough to hang on through 3 hours of that kind of play. I mean "play" is supposed to be fun, right?

Here is my answer to my father-in-law. Every time I look at my little boy, I feel like the big winner. Everything else pales in comparison to his healthy, happy little face smiling up at me.

Am I a "natural" winner or loser? I believe you make your own luck. I made mine already, by keeping my little family busy, well-rested, well-fed, and well-loved. It is hard to ask for more!
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aunt kath said...

We can't wait to see you and that sweet boy. You must be getting pretty good at backgammon. Steve wonders have you been letting him win?.....Until the money shows!

David said...

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