Thursday, January 7, 2010


The New Year has come! 2010. It feels like 2009 was just a blur.

Between pre-school, house guests, holidays, and my weight loss program, I have hardly found time to consider the big picture.

I'll be honest here - I've even been struggling with writing the family Christmas letter, because OH MY GOD, how can I possibly describe the comedy our life has become?

For 2010, we have become resigned of many things. There is less time for doing, and more time for laughing. There is less business, and more busy. There is less money, and more dreaming. There are music and giggles and running and friends.

Looking back a year ago, we could never have imagined this future. We didn't know anything! We didn't know that E Ben would love being home with Jude, or that Linden would be pregnant, or that the world would be good to us. And because we are human, young-urban-professional-liberal human, we worried. We hedged our bets, we played coy games and told ourselves honest lies. Because you never know, right? You just never know.

Yesterday the mail brought news from my old job at the Vancouver Schools. It was time to do something about my "inactive" status. I deferred their offer of employment for 1 year, and then deferred for a second time. It was time to sh*t or get off the potty.

I filled out that form and got it right in the mail. I didn't have to think twice. RESIGNATION. It never felt so good!
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Davidko said...

Congrats! Retired at 34, not bad. Did you include the "take this job and shove it!" language? And why the two return addresses on there?

Nicole said...

Congrats! Of all the things I've learned since Lily entered the picture, never say never is at the top of the list. I knew kids change things but wow, more than I ever could imagine. Way to live with your heart and I know you know how lucky you are that you have the choice to.