Monday, January 25, 2010

Elmo Lives

This might have been a bad idea.

With the coming baby, there are a lot of changes around the Cornett household. Here's a big one: a new flat screen television for the living room. The guest room will become the nursery, and that means we need to make room for some other things. Books are boxed up, bookshelves are relegated to the basement, and now we have the wonders of television right in our life.

Only we don't have television. We gave up cable tv a few years ago, and then last fall our VCR kicked the bucket. So that leaves us with our Netflix DVDs and a new, fantastic service that allows us to stream movies and television from the internet. Elmo, Thomas the Train, and Dora the Explorer are all at our fingertips.

Is this how children become addicted to television? And why ELMO, for goddsakes?
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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

bring it this weekend... we could use some downtime. :-) We can bring Pooh's Grand Adventure or The Little Mermaid...

LibraryHungry said...

Adam and I have been sick this week, and our cable's On Demand option has episodes of Sesame Street. So we are now Elmo converts as well.

Mike's just glad that now that we've broken the seal, he can pull out The Muppet Show. Adam especially loves the DVD menu.