Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angel and Devil

We have arrived at my parents' home in New York just in time for some great weather. The last heat wave was ending just as we arrived Tuesday night, and the next one is not scheduled to start for a few more days, so we are enjoying the relative cool while we can. Jude loves playing in the sprinklers in the back yard, swimming in the pools, and playing with all of the toys at "AMA JEFF HOUSE".

Ada was a little angel for the flight out here. Although she didn't sleep well the night before we left due to some vaccinations the day before, we couldn't have asked for a better baby on the flight. She slept and nursed for almost the entire time, and was only awake and alert for about 30 minutes. Just enough time to change her diaper and coo at her a little bit. She didn't cry at all.

Jude, on the other hand, was a handful. If you've ever had dinner with him, you know that he can't sit still for even five minutes, so the five hour airplane trip was torture. We strapped him into his seat right when we got on the airplane, and luckily he didn't figure out how to get himself out until near the end of the trip. E Ben spent literally 95% of the flight entertaining Jude, between reading books, drawing pictures, playing games with the toys we brought on board with us, and eating snacks. We had packed a huge snack bag and pulled out something new every 30 minutes or so, which was very popular. Jude did a lot of begging to get up and came close to throwing a few fits, but he never completely lost it even though he was very tired. I say it was like traveling with a little devil but actually I was probably just low on patience due to my own lack of sleep the night before. Jude did pretty well, it was just a lot of work for us.

Our next few days are busy between trapeze classes, backgammon tournaments, cross-country races, and fireworks, but I'll try to post again before we leave for the Adirondacks.


Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

great job Ada, and Jude sounds like he did as well as could be expected. :-) good luck with the trapeze class...!!!

Preston said...

I read this article and thought of you guys--maybe time to invest!