Sunday, July 4, 2010

She swings through the air...

Ever since we spent a week at a Club Med in 2005 and tried the flying trapeze, I have been wanting to do it again. We almost went on a trapeze vacation to San Francisco a few years ago, but then it didn't happen. Then a trapeze school opened in NYC, but by that time I was pregnant with Jude, then busy with Jude, then pregnant with Ada, and before I knew it five years had passed. This summer, even though we have a very young baby, I decided that I just had to get out on the trapeze rig again.

I was worried that I'd be unable to do any of the tricks, since my body has been through a lot in the last five years. I haven't really exercised in months, and a lot of my muscles are pretty weak at this point. But once I got up on the rig and started swinging, it felt like I had been doing this for my whole life. We were put into the beginner group since we hadn't done trapeze for over a year, which meant that we got to do three practice swings and try for two catches. The more advanced students in the class got to do about twice that, but it was just as well that I didn't do more for my first time back because I'm incredibly sore as it is. Here are the videos of my two catches.

I had a great time and we're hoping to go again before returning to Portland. It was kind of a pain to get there, and Ada didn't make it through the whole class without needing to be fed, so I had to take a break and give her a quick meal right before my last catch. I was a little bit rushed and flustered because of that, but everything worked out in the end. Next time, I'll get to try something a little bit more advanced. The two tricks that I did the first time are the two easiest ones that all beginners learn first.

In other news, Jude learned to swim this weekend! Check back soon for proof.


Nicole said...

so cool! I wish they had that in Portland. You guys must have been so exhausted after flying with Jude keeping him busy with something different probably every few minutes. We had a similar experience with Lily but because she's not too fast yet, we let her have at it up and down the aisle as much as possible. Traveling with a toddler is definitely quite the exhausting challenge.

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

I can't believe I didn't comment before, but you look TERRIFIC. I showed my mom and Lucia too - we are so impressed. Way to go!