Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Things: Ada, Eleven Months

Ada is eleven months old! She is such a charming, happy, adventurous baby and I can't wait to see what she's like as she continues to get older. Here are a few details about Ada at this age...

Standing: Ada is very stable on her feet these days. She can pull up on anything, and also stand up in the middle of a room. It seems like she can stand for as long as she wants to stand, although she does lose her balance from time to time.

Communicating: Ada has a lot to say. She says "Jude", "Mama", "Dad", "Ba-ba", "Bye-bye", "Baby", "Beach", and many other expressive words and sounds. Her favorite sound is the letter B. She is constantly chirping and babbling, and loves to have long back-and-forth conversations. She is also doing a few signs - "more" and "all done". And she loves to wave to people.

Play: A few of Ada's favorite games include crawling though tunnels (especially tunnels made of arms and legs), playing peekaboo (she will cover her face with a blanket and emerge with the happiest expression on her face) and "How Big is Ada?". The last game involves Ada raising her hands above her head and laughing hysterically.

Sleep: Ada often has only one nap these days, although sometimes she'll still have two. As I recall, Jude had two naps until he was eighteen months old. She definitely does not need as much sleep as he needs! These days, he will often take a longer nap than she takes. She is doing very well with night-time sleep. Most of the time, she'll sleep though the night. Sometimes she wakes up once and goes right back down with a bottle. She is still swaddled to sleep, but I think we're going to stop wrapping her sometime soon. She really doesn't like having her legs wrapped tightly, so we just wrap her arms and leave her legs loose, and she seems content with that arrangement. She seems to want to sleep on her stomach these days, and we'll often find her face-down when we get her after a nap or in the morning. She's also started doing this cute thing where she burrows her face into a pillow or blanket or someone's shoulder.

Consuming: Ada is happy with 24-30 ounces of formula a day in addition to three meals and a couple of snacks. She's a pretty good eater, although she does better if someone can be interacting with her one-on-one during meal time (i.e. handing her bites to eat and changing what she's offered every few minutes). It doesn't work as well to put food on her tray and expect her to just eat it, although that does work if she's hungry. She really likes to eat meat, and her favorite foods are the protein ones.

Size: Ada wears mostly 12-month clothes, with a few pairs of 9-month pants that are still big enough. She's just about to grow out of her infant car seat, and we'll switch her over to the rear-facing Britax for her second year of life. She loves to wear suede-soled shoes for some extra traction on her feet, and currently fits in the size 6-12 month Robeez. We're finishing up the last box of size 3 diapers before we start using the size 4s. She still has four teeth, but I think a few more are about to poke through.

Jude: Ada just loves her brother, but she is starting to pester him a bit. He'll be watching TV, and she'll crawl over to him, pull up on the arm of his chair, and then start patting and pulling his hair. He does not like this at all and will complain or push her away, but that doesn't stop her. Or she'll stand up right in front of the television and screech so that he can't see or hear what's going on. I don't think it's intentional yet on her part, but this is a preview of the future, I'm sure. Jude also has become very possessive with his toys and other things. If Ada is playing with something, he has to have it. At first, she didn't care, but she has begun to object when something is taken from her.

Here is a video of Ada from a few days ago.

We are really enjoying Ada during her last few months of babyhood. She is such a joy.

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

the pictures don't seem to be showing up for me? I love her outfit in the video, nice to see she got some mileage out of those Uggs..