Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Things: Ada, Fourteen Months

Ada is fourteen months old today!  This post is going to be pretty photo-heavy.  Ada is such a cutie these days, but developmentally she hasn't made any dramatic shifts in the past month.  The word I would use to describe her these days is insistent.  She is starting to want things much more passionately than in the past, and she gets irritated when she can't have what she wants.  She'll give a loud cry of frustration when she is spurned.  She does recover pretty quickly, so I can't really call them tantrums yet.  I think if we hadn't just been through Jude's tantrums from hell, though, we might be singing a different tune.

Here is a cute close-up from dinner tonight.


She is teething, by the way.  She has three molars coming in at the same time, and that can't be fun.

Doing some gardening on the back porch.

Ada loves to pull the leaves off of the sage plant and eat them.

Ada and Daddy have the same eyes, exactly.

Ada has this funny mannerism when she walks.  Her hands are up at shoulder level with bent arms and it's really cute.  I'm going to miss that walk when she gets more steady on her feet.  Here's a shot from behind.

At the park.


So Big!

Ada is doing really well.  She gets better at walking every day.  Her language continues to improve.  Today she saw a dog walking past our house, pointed, and said "Dog".  Clear as day.  I'd never even heard her try that word before.  She does have a heart-stopping habit of making a run for it, often towards the street or oncoming traffic.  We have to be really vigilant or she will end up in the middle of the street or halfway up the stairs with no spotter.

Ada seems to understand much of what we say these days.  She can follow simple commands like fetching a certain toy or dropping something.  She also likes to throw food from her tray during mealtime, and then if we don't clean it up right away she'll come back later and eat it.  One very endearing trick:  if we're in the living room and ask "Do you want a bottle of milk?", she'll lead us over to the fridge and show us where to find the milk she wants.

Ada continues to eat well and sleep well.  She goes to sleep easily at night, and sleeps 11-12 hours.  She also takes an afternoon nap of 1-3 hours, usually closer to two.  She's still in size four diapers and size 12-18M clothing.  She has grown out of the 6-12 month Robeez and is now wearing the 12-18 month size soft shoes.

Here's a short video of Ada's speed walking to finish out this month.

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