Saturday, June 4, 2011

She Speaks!

I didn't say much in my last Ada post about the words that she is saying these days.

Ada's favorite word is OUT!  She must say it hundreds if not thousands of times each day, starting first thing in the morning when she wants to get OUT! of her crib until last thing at night when she is cranky from being tired and just wants OUT! of everything!

Ada has finally started calling me something consistently: MAMA.  She will look in my direction when someone says MAMA and will copy when someone refers to me that way.  She has been calling E Ben DAT! for a while now.

Ada has just recently started pointing at things and saying AT!  I think this means "what's that?".  She seems happy when I label things for her and sometimes tries to copy what I say.

Another common word is UNTZ (I wants it!).  Ada knows what she wants, and it is usually something that one of us is eating or holding.  She has also started selecting a book, carrying it over to someone, and asking for a story using this word.  It's a pretty big change, because for the longest time she was fairly uninterested in books.  She'd lose interest before most books were finished.  Just recently, she has grown much more interested and will happily flip through favorites like "Moo, Ba, La, La, La", "Baby Says Peekaboo", and "Where's Spot?".

And, of course, she loves to say BYE BYE accompanied by a cute wave.  BYE BYE!

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