Monday, November 28, 2011

The Beach

A few weekends back we spent a couple of nights at the beach with friends.

Linden took some time off from work, we rented a house, and lucked out on the weather!

Winter beach weekends can be beautiful! The kids ran barefoot all around the dunes of Manzanita.

The friends are a family we know from our co-op preschool.

Highlights of the weekend: hiding in the grass, ice cream, forts in the couch, smoked fish, box wine, sleeping in bunk beds, and failed beach fires.

We love "getting away" with friends. Kids get time to be kids, families all mush in together, and we get to spend time with other parents in the act of parenting. There is a nice intimacy that comes with sharing a big house for a few nights that we just don't get anywhere else! Parenting can be very isolating, and little vacations like this one can bring new insights, tools, and inspiration.

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Natalie said...

Really did look like a beautiful time to be at the beach - fun!

N. Shields said...

Count us in next time.