Monday, November 14, 2011


We borrowed a book from the library last week about Ling and Ting, twin girls who are Not Exactly The Same.  Jude is loving this book, especially the chapter on making dumplings.  Ling makes smooth Dump-Lings and Ting makes fat Dump-Tings...:)  He has been asking to make dumplings for a few days now, so last night we broke out the pelmeni recipe and went to work.

Jude enjoyed playing with the dough and smooshing it together.

Ada's job was putting the assembled pelmeni on the tray.

I made most of them.

Here is the finished product.  Note the little dough-balls in the corners courtesy of Jude and Ada.

Here's a short video to give you a taste of the dumpling-making scene...

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Natalie said...

hee hee. Super cute! I'd like to know how those goldfish turn out when they are boiled. :-)

N. Shields said...

Pelmeni! Call up Val and make sure he knows.

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena, and Baby Boy Jones said...

We'll have to try our hand at homemade jaozi - Lucia loved helping our ayi make those dumplings too. And that book sounds like one we should definitely get!