Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Now that the kids have recovered from The March Plague, we were able to celebrate Easter with a few egg hunts and social gatherings.

We started off the weekend with the neighborhood egg hunt.  The kids filled their baskets and then found a suitably dangerous place to hang out until it was time to leave.  At least they enjoyed the hammock together.

The Easter Bunny showed some restraint at this egg hunt.  Most of the eggs had stickers, or goldfish crackers, or other art supplies.  The coolest thing was a pen that had a dozen different colors.

Ada never passes up a chance to eat fishes.

The weather was beautiful, and the garden is blooming.  We had friends over for dinner and all of the kids took turns watering the vegetables with spray bottles.

By the end of Easter weekend, Jude had 43 pieces of candy in his basket.  We were able to talk him into putting most of it away for later, but he remembers the Switch Witch from Halloween and is very reluctant to let the candy out of sight.  Somehow there was less the next morning when he woke up, though.

Jude took this blurry picture that captures what the Easter Bunny left in the baskets at our house.  The kids loved their puzzles and water toys.  We can't wait to use them on vacation next week!

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Nicole said...

Ugh, the March plague hit our house too - sorry it hit you guys too. That Easter Egg Hunt put ours to shame...we did have snow on the ground here so it was an indoor in the house hunt. Hope April is continuing to treat you guys better.

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena, and John Paul Jones said...

Love Ada's little dress :-) looks familiar!