Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 14

Today was a travel day. We awoke to find that the water at our rental house was still not working (it had slowed to a dribble the day before). That makes it difficult to wash dishes and do laundry! The water started flowing again about an hour before we were scheduled to leave, and we managed to do a decent job of cleaning, but we definitely have a new appreciation for the basics. 

We spent most of the day in the car with just a few stops. We had lunch at a place with a playground (the first we have seen since we have been here) and Jude had a great time playing with two boys. 

We arrived at our hotel late in the day. Here's the view from our room. 

Jude relaxed in the hammock for a while and read some books. 

Then we went swimming and Jude made some friends at the pool. The five kids had dinner at the swim-up bar. Jude was in heaven!

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