Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 4

Today we had a boat adventure. A nice guy named Freddy met us at the beach right by our hotel. After wading out into the waves and climbing aboard, we were off!

We did some swimming and snorkeling at an island off the coast, then swam ashore to explore the cliffs and caves. Freddy brought along a cooler full of fresh fruits, which he cut into dripping slices whenever we started to get hungry. 

The most amazing part of the day was the delfinas (dolphins). Freddy drove us out to an area of the ocean where he can usually find a pod of 10-12. The kids fell asleep during that part of the trip. 

Once we got there, my shrieks woke them all up. There were at least 50 delfinas cavorting around the boat. They swam right next to the boat, usually in pairs, spouted, and jumped high in the air. It was a magical hour.  

We relaxed at the hotel for the afternoon, then went into town for an early dinner at Pizza A Go Go. 

An evening visit to Playa Carillo, then back to the hotel for dessert and stories. Another candidate for the best day of vacation ever. 

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