Monday, December 1, 2008

Back On Leave

I decided to go back to work early so that I could take the rest of my maternity leave next summer. Alas, it turns out that I was misinformed and only California employees are allowed to take their leave in two chunks. I went back in for two days, but then I had to go back out on leave right away or lose the opportunity for good, so I decided to stay home for the month of December and return to work in January. I've always said that I would take as much unpaid leave as I possibly could, but it was actually a difficult decision to stay out. First, although we don't need the money I would earn (we'd saved enough for the full leave duration), it's been tough for me to see the stock market go down and not be able to rebalance by buying more stocks when they're cheap. Also, although I never expected that I'd think this, I'm finding that getting out of the house to go to work and spending some time away from the baby is good for my mental health. I definitely think that staying home with a baby can be more challanging than working in a job like mine - one I'm familiar with and have been doing for quite a while, meaning that it is rarely stressful.

Here is a video that E Ben made today while I was having a nice day off...:

As you can see, Jude loves to kick. We are continually amazed by those legs!

My sister Margaret visited for the Thanksgiving long weekend. She and Jude got to spend a lot of quality time together (although she had to compete with the baby-snatchers in the family), and Jude also got to wear some of his cute outfits that we never bother to put on him. Here's a photo of the two of them from Thanksgiving Day.


Patrick said...

Jude is cute. He needs a Ninja onesie. The "big boss" cracked me up.

silas1106 said...

That's Margaret!? I guess I haven't seen her in a really really long time...probably since she was in high school. Heh.