Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Painting the Kitchen

I took advantage of our last few weeks before the holidays to complete a long-standing house project. We bought this big house up in the hills of Portland, partly because it needed some work. I used to be more inclined to big house remodeling dreams, but this is an older and wiser man in the picture above.

Part of the challenge of the stay-at-home-daddy life is to balance sensible tasks with diaper changes and baby walks to keep from going crazy. The year we bought this house, I planned a summer remodel of the bathroom. That one only took 18 months. So now, when I am feeling the need to be productive, I come up with a job I can actually accomplish in three hours a day.

I hereby unveil my weeklong project of painting the kitchen. It's not perfect, but it sure looks green. Shy Blossom, actually!
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meannie said...

hey, we have a can of shy blossom. tried it out for the was a high contender! that's not as bright green as you were describing. picture looks great!

kitchen said...


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