Saturday, June 5, 2010


As a parent of two under two, my days are not too ambitious. Other than feeding and caring for the baby, helping out with Jude, and running our household, most days my goals are pretty simple: Shower, Nap, and Walk. The relative importance of each of these activities varies based on a number of factors. If I didn't get a shower the day before, Shower is #1. Otherwise, Nap is usually #1, unless I slept unusually well the night before. The weather has a big impact on whether I get out for a Walk. With our recent 40 days and 40 nights of rain, opportunities for getting out without getting wet have been few and far between. Today I got all three, which only happens once or twice a week these days.

Jude has been sick for the past week, and we've all caught the bug to some extent. Here are a few recent photos.

Ok, this one is actually from Ama's visit, but I forgot to post it earlier and I think it is just so sweet. Jude was entertaining Ada and holding her hand for a while that morning.

Ada's face is getting rounder every day. She's over nine pounds now and growing really well.

Jude loves to play outside with his plants, wheelbarrow full of water, and toys. Here he's examining his squirt gun.

While he was sick, we let Jude watch more TV than usual and drink extra milk. Here is a typical scene from the week - I'm nursing Ada with Jude sitting on my lap, holding his dinosaur, and watching "Good Night, Gorilla" on TV.

The video speaks for itself.

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N. Shields said...

Good work, Ada!

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

that is the cutest video ever!!! I love the fascination with the eyes... :-)

Natalie said...

Oh, that video is awesome, and will be fun for them to watch years down the road. As for ambitions, I hear ya! Showers are [eventually] so wonderful.

EMM said...

Aw! So cute! I miss Jude and Ada! And you guys of course... :)