Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Bottle

We've been waiting until Ada passed the six week mark before breaking out the pump and offering her a bottle. We tried it today, and everything worked out really well. I pumped about two ounces just before she was due to nurse. Margaret fed her the bottle and then Ada finished up the feeding with a typical nursing session.

I wondered whether Ada would take the bottle easily since she refuses the pacifier, but it was no problem. Margaret offered the bottle and dripped a little bit of milk on her lips. On the third try, she opened wide and drank the rest of the bottle with no complaints.

Our plan (suggested by Doris) is to continue with a bottle once or twice a week until I go back to work, just so that she doesn't forget the "skill" of drinking from a bottle. Apparently if you wait too long to give a bottle, a baby is more likely to refuse the bottle later in their life. Once I go back to work, she will need to have bottles every weekday, so it's a skill she will need!

One interesting tidbit is that I was able to pump a little over two ounces in less than five minutes. With Jude, the pumping was much more of a struggle and it took dozens of pumping sessions (of 15-20 minutes each) before I was able to even get a full ounce per session. What a huge difference from one baby to the next!

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

congrats on getting so much milk in so little time - that is great! M takes a bottle here once a day, even though I'm with her all the time b/c it is easier with two to pump for 10 mins and get 10 oz than to nurse for 25... :-)