Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Things: Ada, Six Weeks

Ada is six weeks old today. She has such a cute smile and I managed to catch it on camera this afternoon.

Ada has definitely become more fussy and difficult to manage in the last ten days since our last report. This is only to be expected as she approaches the peak fussy age of six weeks from her due date. According to our sleep book, this age is characterized by more crying and wakefulness than any other age, and we are looking forward to a decline over the next weeks and months.

What else can I say? Ada is a fairly typical baby for her age. She eats, looks around, smiles from time to time, cries when she needs something, and sleeps. She is growing well and weighs about 9.5 pounds. She responds well to being swaddled and sleeps best in the swing. She likes to be carried and will reliably settle down when taken for a walk in the sling. She doesn't like the car seat much and usually cries for part of every trip in the car. Ada's pretty good at tummy time and can lift up her head and turn it from side to side fairly easily at this point.

We're looking forward to a visit from Auntie Margaret for the next ten days. We think that three adults to two kids (at least our two kids) is a good ratio to allow us to take care of both kids, the household, and ourselves. We can do it with just the two of us (although it's harder with a sick toddler and Daddy), but it is a lot more fun with an extra set of hands around.

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to meet her! See you guys next week!!!

Natalie said...

adorable photo of Ada!

sbt said...

That's a great picture-I can't believe how much she looks like you Linden!