Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ada Rolls

Today was a big day for the Cornett family. Daddy and Jude took Ada up to Nini's house for the day, and she had her first significant stretch of time away from Mommy. She did ok drinking from the sippy cup. Over the course of six hours and three feedings, she drank about four ounces. Probably not as much as she would have taken if she were nursing, but not bad for her first try. I hear that she didn't cry the whole time she was awake. I've been hearing a lot of stories of babies who cried for days or weeks after Mom went back to work, before figuring out how to get food some other way, so I'm going to call this a success.

Ada also decided to roll over for the camera for the first time tonight. She's done it before, but it always seemed like an accident. Tonight, she did it over and over, and looked proud of herself afterwards.

Later on, she sat up (only slightly supported) for almost fifteen minutes. Our girl is growing up before our very eyes...

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