Thursday, September 2, 2010

Four Lindens

In addition to being the only female Cornett of her generation (so far) and the only great-granddaughter on the Henning side (so far), Ada has the distinction of carrying on a family tradition via her name. Her middle name, more specifically. Ada is the fourth generation in which the first daughter was given the middle name "Linden". In the photo below, we have the direct maternal line. Eleanor Linden (my grandmother), Margaret Linden (my mother), Patricia Linden (that's me!), and Ada Linden.

Of course, no one ever called me Patricia. I've been "Linden" since I was a baby, and dropped the "Patricia" on all of my legal documents after I got married and had to go through the process of changing my name anyway. But there was never really any question about what we would choose for our daughter's middle name. How could we be the ones to break this tradition?

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Scott, Abby, Nora, & Kenai Isles said...

so I have no Lindens in my family... but as the daughter of a Patricia, the mother of an Eleanor, and the granddaughter/ sister/ mother of a Margaret - I have to say your family has fabulous choice in names :)

I didn't know we had that connection Linden!

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

I am amazed that you announced your original legal first name on your blog. From what I remembered, you barely told that to sworn BFF blood sisters :-) Ha! You SO do not look like a Patricia, it's not even funny. But I do love the four generations of Lindens, even if you're the only one who adopted it as a first name. :-)

Natalie said...

I love the Linden Legacy! It's a really great and unique name, too.