Friday, September 10, 2010

Back To Work Update

I'm back at work this week. It's been an adjustment for all of us. Ada gets to spend a lot more time with her Dad, but she also has to drink from a cup for most of the day. Jude gets to watch more TV than usual, but he has less one-on-one time with his parents. Dad gets to set the agenda for each day (which he loves), but he also has to manage a crying baby when she's hungry and doesn't feel like drinking from a cup. I'm enjoying having some child-free time, but I don't get to take naps anymore.

Overall, though, things are going well. Ada is getting better at the cup and Daddy is getting into a rhythm as the primary childcare provider for two kids. Jude's school starts next week, which will provide a bit more structure to the week. Evenings are pretty hectic around our house. The baby wants to eat all the time, Jude is ... well he's just Jude, and both parents are tired from the day. By the time we get both kids to bed, we might have the energy to stay up for another half hour to talk or watch an episode of Lost, but usually at least one of us goes straight to bed.

I was planning to write that Ada is getting much better at sleeping. For the most part, she is asleep by around 9pm, wakes up sometime between 3-4 in the morning to nurse briefly (and goes back to sleep on her own), and then wakes for the day sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. Last night was a bit of an anomaly, however, and she was up until pretty late (almost 10:30). I think she was hungry because she didn't take much milk while I was at work, and was too distracted to eat enough in the evening to make up the difference. Hopefully that was an unusual night, and not the start of a new pattern.

One other major change for Ada in the past few weeks is that she no longer hates the car. She does pretty well on short trips in the car seat, and has learned to fall asleep for longer trips. I wouldn't say that she enjoys the car especially, but at least she doesn't scream anymore. Now that I write this here, though, I'm sure we're in for some loud car rides...

Here are a few photos from the past week. Ada on our picnic blanket.

These two are thick as thieves.

Jude is much more interested in books than Ada at this point. She'd rather watch Jude or the rest of the room.

Jude and Daddy went blackberry picking last weekend. Then they made Jude's new specialty, BLACKBERRY BRUMBLE. Yum!
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Scott, Abby, Nora, & Kenai Isles said...

glad your return to work is going ok... i head back on 9/27. maybe we can grab lunch somtime in JF :)

except for the one night time waking, your life sounds very familiar right now (down to the watching Lost in the evenings).