Saturday, October 2, 2010

Language Quirks

Jude's language is amazing these days, but he still speaks with a few quirks. I'm sure these will disappear soon, and I want to remember them, so I'm listing as many as I can recall here...
  • When Jude wants someone to pick him up, he says "Daddy hold her" or "Mommy hold her". I think it's because everyone is always talking about holding the baby girl (i.e. "do you want to hold her?", "can I hold her?").
  • Jude doesn't seem to be able to pronounce the "SP" at the beginning of a word. Instead, he uses the "F" sound. So, we're often looking for a FOON so we can eat applesauce, or talking about the FIDER WEB at the window, or FITTING out the water after brushing our teeth, or FINNING around and around. It's pretty awesome, actually, but can be hard to figure out what he's talking about if you don't know the rule.
  • The TH sound at the beginning of words is not quite there yet. So we hear a lot of "NIS one" and "NAT one" (this and that). Also, he likes to talk about his favorite FINGS. Also, "Daddy do WAT" (that).
  • Jude's got most of his colors down, but he still says LELLOW for yellow.

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