Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Splits

I never did end up writing about my second trapeze class last summer. Perhaps that's because it was less satisfying than the first one. Or maybe because I didn't really get any good videos of myself doing the new trick.

Anyway, we went into the city a second time while we were in New York for the summer. This time, we learned a much more difficult trick, the splits. I was able to do the "heels off" trick again with no problem, but had a lot more trouble with the splits. It just didn't work well for me, and I never really felt comfortable doing it. I was kind of off-balance and felt awkward. Margaret was good at this one, and was able to complete two catches, but mine didn't work out as well.

This was my best swing:

This is how it's supposed to look:

I really loved having the chance to take a few trapeze classes this past summer. I'm hoping to get back to New York for a long weekend sometime early next year so that I can take a few more classes. By then, I'll probably be a few pounds lighter (I've already lost ~10 pounds since the summer!) as well as stronger and more flexible from the yoga classes that I started taking this month. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few new trapeze tricks as a result!

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