Friday, October 15, 2010

More Language Quirks

I thought of a few more language quirks.

Jude knows the right word for "boy", but instead of "girl" he says "gullah".

Jude has thankfully not started using the word "mine" yet, but he does say OWN a lot. The most common usage is when he wants to do something "by my OWN", or tells someone to do it "by your OWN". For a while, he was saying "OWN, OWN" when someone was playing with one of his toys. Now he says, very seriously, "Jojo, that's Judey's".

Jude has very specific (sometimes non-intuitive) names for the shows he likes to watch and songs he likes to sing. Just a few examples:

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

Hey Ya! Thanks for the shout out on Lucia's dancing SKEELS! :-)