Friday, August 15, 2008

39 Weeks

Today marks 39 weeks of pregnancy. I went in today for my weekly OB visit, and I've lost another pound and my blood pressure is dropping. These are two good signs that labor is probably approaching. I'm still hoping the baby can hold off until at least Monday when my doctor is back in town from vacation. Not much else to report from the doctor today. I declined the exam so I don't know if I'm more dilated than last Friday. I figured I didn't want to do anything that might encourage the baby to come this weekend.

It has been brutally hot in Portland for the past two days, and the heat is supposed to continue through the weekend. Today I went swimming in the morning and we saw a movie during the hottest part of the day. The movie theater was lovely and cool, enough so that we didn't even mind that Dark Knight went on for a little too long.

Here are a couple of photos of me from today:

My mom has been in town since Monday, and we've been having a nice time doing some last-minute shopping and organizing. Our neighbors gave us two big bins of baby clothes last weekend, so we've been sorting through those and organizing by size and type. Luckily Mom likes doing that kind of thing, so she's been happy to take the lead on all of the latest projects.

I'm feeling pretty good these days. I still have some bad nights of sleep from time to time, and my back and shoulder flare up every couple of days. My contractions are also becoming more painful, but they go away if I change my activity level, so I don't think any of this is real labor yet.

The Baby Stuff continues to accumulate in our house. We really have no idea what we're going to need, so we're accepting all of our friends' hand-me-downs. Our garage and house are starting to look like a baby store! One purchase we did make was an infant life vest to use with the new canoe. We want to get The Boy used to water and boats at a young age! Here's a photo of some Stuff from our garage:

That's about it for now. I'll post again next week, or when we're heading to the hospital!

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