Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Jude

At long last, the baby boy comes home.

Linden gave birth to Jude Alexander Cornett, born August 22 at 10:52pm. He burst into this world with personality and charm. Linden delivered him after 9 hours of active labor at 8 minutes of pushing. A miracle!

Linden had the baby through natural childbirth, a surprise to us both! She was very strong and very beautiful through the whole process. The doctor and nurses were amazed to see the baby come out so quickly!

When I saw him, I felt like it was an out-of-body experience. Even now, several days later, I have pushed away the feelings that come from watching your own child come into the world. Tests and general procedures took up most of Friday evening. We elected to stay 3 full days in the hospital to talk with the nurses about child care, diaper changing, and best practices.

Today we brought him home to our house. Welcome home, baby Jude! You will be well loved.

I'm sure that we will follow this post with thousands of new parent gushing. Please bear with us. We love him more than we thought was possible.


David said...

Wow! Congratulations! Jude is just amazing and is mother did such a fantastic job. I'm sure his dad did his part as well. Welcome to Earth, little one, welcome to Earth. Glad you could make it. BTW, you are already very punctual, aren't you, Jude?

Anonymous said...

What an expressive face! Congratulations a billion times over, guys. Welcome, Jude. I look forward to meeting you.

The Wolvertons said...

He is so gorgeous! I just wanted to reach out and squish his beautiful pink skin. I'm so sad that we can't be there to give kisses. Way to go on the quick, natural delivery - you are awesome! Jude - we can't wait to meet you.
Love you guys,

N. Shields said...

Jude -
Gryphon wants to meet you. He says he needs someone to confide in about crazy new parents.

Natalie said...

Yahoo! He is YOUR wonderful, healthy, strong little boy and I'm so happy for you all. Enjoy this new chapter of life at Cornett & Company.

Aileen said...

Congratulations! I love the name. Natural delivery... wow, you are one tough mamma. I'm really glad it went well and I can't wait to meet Jeep, I mean Jude!

Bill Campbell said...

Congratulations! Such a sweet face!

-Bill and Betty

Cheri said...

Congratulations on your goddess moment, Linden:-) Jude is beautiful.

silas1106 said...