Tuesday, August 12, 2008


These are the official "after" pictures of my hard work in the laundry room. I claimed I would finish in one day and it actually only took me three weeks!

Note the plumbing - I changed from the old galvanized pipe to plastic and the blue pex pipe. I laid the cheapest vinyl flooring that Home Depot will sell - Linden LOVED it, of course. 44 cents a square foot? Perfect! And the carpet was a returned remnant, 12 x 17 feet. All this on sale for less than we spent on dinner out last week.

I did have some trouble working around the house by myself. I had to call in some favors from the neighbors to help me move the washing machine and cast iron sink. But now we're finished! Now the boy will have clean surfaces to crawl on with no risk of asbestos poisoning!

One final note: Linden is packed for the hospital. We've cleaned the house, mopped the floors, and generally put on our best face for the new house guest!

Welcome home, Jeep! Any day now!

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