Friday, March 27, 2009


Jude's seven month birthday arrived much more quickly than we expected.  During his seventh month we battled illness and visited Florida.  Florida was much more fun.

Jude is now eating two largish meals a day and he has tried about ten foods.  He has liked all of them so far except for banana.  We need to keep trying with that one.  We've been making most of our own baby food, with the exception of commercial cereals and some fruits.  We discovered the joys of Gerber pears on our Florida vacation and now we don't go anywhere without a pack or two.

I'm still nursing, although I expect to stop sometime in the next couple of months.  I'm tapering down on the medication that I was taking to increase my milk supply, and I don't know how my body will react to that.  So far, it does not seem to be decreasing my supply significantly, but we'll see.  I used to pump several extra times a day (like at night before going to sleep) in order to get enough milk for Jude to drink while I'm at work and build a supply of frozen milk in the freezer.  At this point, I've stopped that and I only pump while I'm at work or if he's away from me for the day.  Jude gets a bottle of formula before he goes to sleep, and we supplement with extra formula as needed during the day.  But the two meals of solid foods seem to fill him up pretty well, so our formula bill is still fairly low.

Jude was a great traveler and charmed everyone on the plane.  Our last flight was the most challenging - it was very hot and Jude would not fall asleep without being swaddled.  We were luckily sitting next to a very nice man with four kids of his own.  For the next trip, we're going to make a lightweight "swaddle sheet" for the airplane!

Here are a couple of photos from vacation.

Jude eating avocado on the patio.

At the beach with Oma, wearing a sun hat that E Ben wore as a baby.

Dead asleep in the car seat after a long day of travel.

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