Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Day

We've all been getting sick over the past few days, and Jude was hit hard last night. I always wondered if I'd be able to tell if he was sick at night, but it was immediately obvious. We took turns trying to rock him to sleep. In the end, infant Tylenol and sleeping on E Ben's lap were the only remedies. Now I know why people say that having a sick baby is so hard! We visited a co-op preschool today that we're considering for next year. Jude slept through most of the visit in the Ergo since he didn't get enough sleep last night.

We have a few cute photos from the past week or so.

Jude loves to practice standing. We make this "nest" for him so he can practice falling down too.

This shirt is from my doctor. "I was delivered by Dr. Robin W. Barrett"

Jude and Brady had some tummy time together.

Jude had a haircut today. He loved it.

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Greg H said...

Nice haircut. The barber looks kinda creepy, though.