Monday, August 3, 2009

Ogunquit Kids

We were on the road for a month this summer, visiting Long Island, the Adirondacks, and Maine. Of the three, Jude had the most fun in Maine. We decided that Maine was really Jude's vacation. There were lots of kids for him to chase around and so many new toys!

Jude and Theo played "cell phones".

Jude played with Conrad's toys, even though Conrad was not really interested in sharing.

Jude was a little jealous of Tigerlily. Any time I held her or played with her, Jude would follow me around and try to get me to pick him up.

Alice was very nice to Jude and fed him some Cheerios.

We're missing a photo of Jude and Adam, for a couple of reasons. First, I'm limited to four photos per post, and second I didn't get a good photo of those two together. But he was there! And cute!

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LibraryHungry said...

Just for the record, for posterity, you understand, here you go: Jude and Adam, plus some other relevant players.