Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sixth Anniversary

*this post was written by E Ben*

The Cornett and Company is rapidly expanding its influence into future markets.

At a shareholders meeting on August 8th, the president and CEO made encouraging remarks to the board of directors.

"This could be our best year yet. We are constantly developing new resources, which can only give us the competitive edge as we head into 2010."

Analysts have long marked the rise of the Cornett and Company as an indicator that the stock market bottom is probably behind us. The board of directors celebrated with dinner out on the town.

Early the next day, investors flocked to a bull market, eager to reap the bounty of high volume trading. Specific interest in children's toys and nursery decorations gave many investors confidence in future projects.

August 9 marked the anniversary of incorporation, which included many prominent Cornett and Company traditions. Most specifically, corporate leadership sponsored a travel junket to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. This annual company picnic was the first in which new membership was invited to join the company soccer game.

"We see a lot of potential in our newest Junior Member," commented Linden, CFO and founding board member. "He has a real talent and ability to produce."

Some analysts have been less than enthusiastic with newcomer Jude and his ability to 'produce.'

"All I see him producing these days is a bunch of crap," agreed the company president.. "But he has an uncommon persistence. I think we'll see him up and running on his own two feet before the end of the next quarter."

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Nicole said...

What a fun video of Jude starting to walk. He looks so happy getting up and falling down. That IKEA picture gave me the chills. You are o so brave in my book for making it through there and still smiling afterwards. I'm curious to see how it'll be now that I have Lily along, might be totally different. I might not even notice the thousands of other kids everywhere!

Jeffrey said...

Pretty funny: talk about baby steps

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Baby Jones 2 said...

Seriously cute video of Jude walking. Lucia saw your photos and named your whole family. She also wanted to watch the Jude video "Again!"

Natalie said...

I'd say he has persistence! That was really cute. Oh, and happy 6 years!